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At, we publish variety of stories: prose, flash fiction, tales from the clinic, Articles, poetry, and series for the sole purpose of educating and entertaining our readers.

We are thrilled to have you partake in this marvelous journey we have incepted.

What we look out for

  1. Short stories of not less than 1,500 words. The story could cut across any sphere of life but must have a single purpose of educating and entertaining the readers.
  2. Articles of not less than 1,500 words with the sole aim of educating the readers. Any topic of choice is acceptable.
  3. Clinic tales of not less than 1000 words. These are clinical experiences embedded in stories. Must be educating and or inspiring.
  4. Poetry: Poetries of any type on any topic and of any length is acceptable provided it’s educating.
  5. Series: Long story cut into episodes. Must be at least 3 episodes with each episode not less than 1000 words. Must have an impacting theme.


✓Your write up must be original, genuine and heartfelt.

✓It will be reviewed by our admin, if approved, it will be published on our site in less than 5days.

✓Don’t forget, Dera’s Stories reserves the right to edit your manuscript (s) before publishing it.

✓Your short bio should include your skills, academic qualification, book(s) you have published if any and anything else you want people to know about you.

✓Every Author gets the credit for their work. Their short bio and link to their website/blog (if available), will be attached to their write up during the publication.

Ready to submit? Then, carefully fill the form below.

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