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  1. We write stories ranging from novels to novellas to drama scripts to short stories to articles to blog posts.
  2. We also type. That manuscript you have been looking for who to type for you, look no more! Contact me, let’s talk about it. You will have your work done and dusted in no time.
  3. I am in need of someone to proofread my work! Look no more, we do neat and superb proofreading here…contact me, let’s talk about it.
  4. For your sweet and cruchy chin chin, peanut and cake, contact us and you will be happy you did!
  5. I have write ups or adverts to post on a blog. You are at the right place! Contact me, let’s talk!

Why you should patronize us

Our services are unique. You get quality and original work and in time too!

Those who have tasted our baked products can attest to you how good they are. You just have to try it!

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For any or all of the above, contact me at [email protected] or fill the contact form below, let’s talk about it!

Testimonies from our customers

Dera: How was the cake?

Mrs Queen Arinze: “It was so good that my husband had to reserve one in the house for the kids. He had to buy Yale biscuit to supplement the remaining two for the children available for the birthday celebration”.

Dera: “How many chin chin do you want?”

Chukwuma Eneanya: “just give me two. I know if I buy one I will still come to you for another one. This your chin chin is just too sweet!”

“Dera, I like your peanuts. Infact, this peanut you have started making is simply going to make me spend my money, they are just so good!’..Mercy Onayi

Story reviews

“Yeiiiiii the story is amazing. I love how descriptive you are with your story Dera. The description of the hat intrigued me. I LOVE IT. Mercy Onayi @ the traveler’s hat.

“Dalu Chidera! Your stories are fresh, adventurous, informative and relatable. Truely entertaining. Keep it up dear!” Somadina Udeh@ the woman in my dreams

“more like it’s siblings. A must read for parents and mentors. Young girl, you are doing such an amazing and impactful writings!” Viktor Sobe @ Rude awakening.

“Wow! The story is so amazing. I was glued to my chair till I read my last. Kept hoping it wouldn’t end. Please, does it have a second part? It’s just so interesting!” Chimdi Ogbu@ just got engaged

“welldone Dera. The flow of the adventure was smooth and captivating” Anonymous @ the traveler’s hat.

“Welldone, I wish a seminar or a radio program for a better public enlightenment especially to people in the rural areas will be made for proper sensitization. It still happens in many villages.” Anaesthesia Ugwu @ Mummy, it’s coming out

“Another nice one! Brought back some memories of psychiatry posting. Keep it up” Vitus Ezeugwu@ The woman in my dreams

“well articulated. More grease to your elbow” Anaesthesia Ugwu @ the traveler’s hat.

“This is a nice piece from you. Keep the candle burning” Oma Chelsea @ Rude awakening.

“You are at it again. I enjoyed every bit of this interesting narrative. That’s so intriguing young lady” Viktor Sobe @ Mummy, it’s coming out.

“This story eh, my niece was just reading it and enjoying her little self. Welldone!” Chinecherem Akubuko@ In all shades of gorgeousness

“This is very interesting. Your inspired stories will soon be a household name, Amen!” Anonymous@ This just can’t happen to me.

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9:00 am – 5:00 pm
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