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I’m Joy Chidera Ezugwu (Dera)

I’m a Christian, a Medical Doctor, a writer, a blogger, and a Baker.

Why do I write?

Inspiration, the thrill, the joy, the happiness that comes from impacting on people via stories and Articles!

I started writing a few years back and the passion is waxing stronger day after day.  I created this blog to avail a wider sphere of readers the opportunity to read through my stories as I would always release short stories more than I release novels…a platform where the better readers will be able to access different stories whenever they want to.

My books: The power of love, Memories of you, Different Shades of a Girl, Birthed by a stranger, Spicy Christmas and Drifted, are all available on light reader. I’m currently working on many other stories that you will soon get to know about… anticipate!

If you like my stories, then, get my books on Light Reader!

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