Flash fiction

A Christmas love story online free you will love

A Christmas love story, as many would say, adds the finishing touching to any and every Christmas, no matter how perfect it already looked. This was exactly the thought in my head as I stared at my laptop right infront of me with a blank page insitue.

A Christmas love story adding the spice to Christmases! – my life has been a typical case study for this saying. As a matter of fact, I had grown so accustomed to having love during the celebrations that I soon forgot what it was like to be alone.

“A christmas love story online free,” I finally typed on Google and quickly scrolled down the page but not even a single story popped up. All I saw was movies and believe in me, movies were the last things I wanted to delve into. Letting out a huge sigh, I slammed the laptop shut and stormed out of the house. It was christmas Eve already, the time when I should be happy and making merry. The tree and the decorations were already in place. We even got a sleigh. On my quest to get rid of the emptiness I felt, I had insisted on it, thinking it would help. Now, everything was perfect, glamorous even, yet; I still couldn’t get myself to acknowledge either of them.

“A christmas love story.” I said in my mind as I paced up and down our busy neighborhood, watching as everyone went along with their loved ones, laughing hysterically from time to time. Couples held hands as they walked past, some even made out, right in front of me! – well, maybe I shouldn’t be as bothered as I was, right? After all, it’s an everyday event. People kiss all the time, right? “Shit!” I felt so lost. Why would Paul choose christmas of all times to break up with me? And the worst part was that he knew how much I loved christmas!

“A christmas love story.” A voice said behind me and I turned to see who it was. Surprisenly, a totally unfamiliar face stared back at me, beaming. “Can I help you?” I said, taking a few steps backwards while at the same time, running a quick scan of the environment to be sure we weren’t alone.

“A Christmas love story. Ours will make a beautiful Christmas love story. I can even make a beautiful write up on it and upload on my blog.” He said. “Excuse me?” my face narrowed into a light frown and my eyes became fierce in warning. “My name is Jerry. I’m a writer but more of a blogger for now. Still in search of the perfect love story that will make a best seller, if you know what I mean.” He smiled and extended his hand for a handshake. “Ruth.” I said after a brief pause and took his hands.

A Christmas love story does spice up christmas you know and for some strange reason, I felt like mine started the moment I saw you. Don’t ask me why though ‘cos I’m just as clueless as you are in that regard, he said and I couldn’t help laughing. Discussions soon hit up and we rode on, soon struggling for who will speak before the other – there were just so much we wanted to talk about – so much I wanted to tell him. Even things I never thought were worth discussing soon became beautiful topics that I couldn’t wait to raise. We spoke like we had known each other for years – something that was not only new but awkward to me.

“A Christmas love story or stories have been it for me from the outset. Even though I had stayed without a boyfriend throughout highschool and almost throughout college, I never spent a Christmas without a touch of love – the movies always did the magic for me – at least they did, until Paul came around… I took a deep breath and refocused on Jerry. For some reason, I wasn’t mourning Paul anymore. My spirit was free once more, enjoying the winter breeze – the christmas spirit.

“A Christmas love story shouldn’t be this boring you know. If we are going to write a script, we should at least, write a good one. Let’s take a walk.” I smiled and clutched tightly to his extended hand. He leaned forward and placed a moist kiss on my cheek. “Your boyfriend doesn’t know what he left behind.” My eyes flashed at him, the entire width about to pop out of the orbit. “I don’t remember telling you I had a boyfriend. How did you know that?” He looked briefly at me and looked away. “You are like the most amazing woman I’ve seen in a long time and trust me, I’ve seen a lot in my line of work. As for how I know you’re single – somethings are not difficult to guess. Besides, if I hadn’t been sure, I am now. You should put a hold on yourself. You were practically screaming ‘my boyfriend broke up with me few days before Christmas’ when I saw you – that’s how miserable you looked. I broke into another episode of laughter. When I was finally able to calm myself, I threw my arms around him in a warm embrace. “Thank you for walking up to me. You have no idea what light that brought into my life tonight.” “Something to drink?” I paused a bit as though thinking about it.

A Christmas love story wouldn’t be complete without a romantic sip of a drink or coffee between the couple. So, what do you say? He winked at me and I burst into another episode of uncontrollably laughter. “I will get you coffee then.”he said when he saw I wasn’t giving up my laughter anytime soon. I noded and again burst into another episode. He gently placed a kiss on my forehead before walking away.

“A Christmas story….” I overheard from somewhere behind me and immediately turned to see if it was him but no, it wasn’t. I looked at my watch again, now apprehensive. It was now a few minutes to countdown yet, there was no sight of Jerry. There were a lot of people out and probably a lot of coffee makers around – where was I to begin my search? I was almost giving up, almost tilting back to my alone mood when I heard the now familiar voice behind me. “Who missed me?” It said. I turned and jumped at him immediately, holding unto him like a newly recovered good whose owner never wants to let go of. “You are my Christmas present.” I whispered into his ears and then the count down began: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, “Merry Christmas!” The crowd echoed and I leaned forward and placed a quick kiss on his lips.

“A Christmas love story, finally.” He said smiling. “A really beautiful one!” I muttered before sliding into his arms once again.