Drifted [Chapter 4]

Early Saturday morning was quiet and siren, just the way Annah liked it. She resumed her spot as usual, and watched the break of a new dawn keenly, like she was witnessing it for the first time. 

Her camera was soon doing its magic as went round their building, capturing anything that caught her fancy. It was at times like this, when she totally engrossed herself in photography that she wished she was an artist too.

How nice and fulfilling it would have been to paint some of these pictures and have them not just in her camera film but in her art Gallery!

She was soon back to the house and ready to fix herself something for breakfast. She connected her Bluetooth speaker to her phone with Shaggy’s strength of a woman blaring at it’s it’s highest volume as she tossed herself breakfast.

One skill she had acquired from her mum, one she had loved really much was “baking”. Her mum performed magic in that department. There was no limit to what she could make out of flour. A skill that leaves both Annah and her dad awed every single time. Annah wasn’t sure they were ever going to get used to that part of her mum.

She was soon done with the pancakes, dancing to the tune of her music as she broke the eggs into frying pan. She was a huge fan of fried eggs.

Even though there was already egg in the pancake, she would always fry another set of eggs to add to it, a combination that has caused her parents and anyone who heard about it nickname her “weirdo”. 

She was now smiling as the memories came flooding. Even though she was having a good alone time, she missed her parents.

She was soon ready for her day’s patrol. She was ready to drive round town. She craved to visit every nook and cranny of Beverly hills. She couldn’t wait for the amazing pictures that will be added to her collection once she was done.

Of course, Roses inn! That will be her last resort. The best place to chill and calm her nerves before heading back home. 

With the loads of hours still ahead of her, she was determined to go home late. The plan was to spend both the day time and the evening outside the house, embrace her bed tightly, and drift into a sound sleep the moment she got home.

As she pulled up at one of the streets she came across, she was amazed at what she saw. The view was just perfect, as though it was arranged for her. A thought suddenly crossed her mind as she took the snapshots: “why not start a blog?”.

“She was surprised she hadn’t thought about that before then. Of what use were her pictures if no one could view and appreciate them?

She liked her pictures, no doubt but it was one thing to like the pictures yet another for someone else to appreciate them.

“Do you need help with that?” came a voice, an unfamiliar one, jerking her back to the present.

“Excuse me”, she was surprised.

“Do you need help with the picture?” the voice repeated.

Annah hadn’t noticed she had held out her camera infront of her as though trying to take a picture of herself with the flowers.

“No, thank you”, she said and made to walk away.

“On a second thought, yes please”. She said, smiling at the young man.

“Alright. It will be an honor to take snapshots of a beautiful lady like you” he smirked.

Annah intentionally didn’t reply. Pretending not to have heard the guy, she poised for her pictures. She couldn’t remember the last time she took pictures of herself with her camera. 

“Thanks”, she said, the moment he was done, collected her camera and made to leave.

“My name is Daniel. Dan for short” the guy called out.

“Nice to meet you Dan. Thanks again for the photos”, Annah shouted in reply.

Can I at least know your name?

“Goodbye Dan” Annah smiled, entered her car and drove off.

She drove about the rest of the streets of Beverly hills, taking pictures of whatever, wherever and whenever.

The thought of creating a blog was strong in her heart that it was soon all she could think about. “That means series of hardwork” she muttered to herself.

The only use she could make out of a computer was search things on Google. How then was she going to go about designing and hosting a website?

She pulled into Roses inn and as usual, made her way in. She hadn’t realized how worried an expression she was putting on until the friendly waitress who served her the last time she was there asked her if everything was ok.

“Excuse me” she responded, surprised.

“Are you alright, you look really worried.” the waitress repeated.

“Oh, that! I’m good. I’m just a little bothered about how to go about creating a website.” Annah managed a smile.

“Let me guess, you want to create a website but you don’t know how and you don’t have the cash to hire a professional.”


“That’s sad. I know a guy who can design websites. He isn’t a professional though but he was able to help me with mine. The problem is if he will have the time and also if he would want to do it for free”, the lady’s face was blank for some minutes before she continued.

I can’t give you his contact, he wouldn’t like that. Here is what will happen: drop your contact with me, whenever he comes around here, I will talk to him about it and then get back to you.

“You will do that for me! Thank you so much” Annah was both thrilled and surprised.

Just one question dear:”when next do you think he would drop by here?”.

This week. He comes here at least once a week. He stays in the neighborhood though will soon be relocating. “I’m sure he will be here before the week runs out” she reassured.

“Alright, thanks a million times. You are a life saver! May I have the sandwich now please?” Annah smiled.

“Sure, coming right up!” the waitress smiled back 

“These people don’t only have the most beautiful lifestyle I have ever seen but also seem to be really nice people. The typical brother’s keepers!” Annah thought to herself.