Drifted [Chapter 3]

The week was soon over and weekend stared Annah on the face. On one note she was happy to take a break from school but on the other, she wasn’t sure what to do with the time. Home, of course was going to be boring as always. 

She sighed as she dropped her back pack on her bed. The semester was just Halfway gone, it was unlike her to feel this tired of school as well. 



“Are you there?” Came her mum’s voice, pulling her away from her thoughts.

“I’m coming”, she responded and rushed downstairs.

“Sweetheart, I’m so sorry. I know its weekend and  you need us but there is an emergency we need to attend to. We just got a call that my mum, your grandmother isn’t feeling fine and she is asking for me. They have refused to inform us how serious the case is, the more reason I have to hurry there.

I will be going with your dad, I have spoken with him. I will just pick him up at work. 

Can you stay by yourself or do I drop you off at the parsonage? We might be gone the entire weekend…

“I’m alright mum. I’m sixteen remember? I can stay by myself. Besides, if I ever feel scared at any point, I can always drive myself to the parsonage” Annah replied smiling, relief sorging through her system.

“Alright darling. Take care of yourself. I love you” her mum kissed her cheek and left.

“The credit card is on the table in my bedroom. Still remember the code?” She screamed at the door.

“Yes mum, thank you” Annah replied, halfway up the stairs.

Annah smiled at herself as she entered her room. Though bored, she felt ecstatic. She took a deep breath and then got to work. She needed to make good use of this opportunity. The first she has ever gotten in her entire life!

She had been so thrilled that she forgot to extend her regards to her grandmother. “But who cares!” She chuckled and continued brainstorming. She needed the perfect plan for the perfect weekend. She had the money now with no one restricting her every move.

She immediately ordered for pizza. Pizza was one of her favorite snacks. Sandwich was in competition with pizza. She was dying to pay Roses inn another visit so she was saving her appetite for sandwich for then. She was yet to taste their sandwich but the aromer since the last time has since kept her eager to know what it tastes like.

Visiting Roses inn was exciting but definitely not enough to take an entire weekend. She sank on her bed, her emotions tilting again towards the negatives. She was short of ideas and that was fraustrating.

The door bell rang, distracting her from her thoughts. She was immediately up and running down the stairs.

“I’m coming!”, She screamed when the bell rang the second time.

She was shocked to see a girl of about the same age as herself standing at the other side of the door. The girl looked somewhat familiar but not enough to wipe off the disappointment on her face. She had expected the pizza guy, not some seemingly familiar stranger!

“Yes, who are you and how may I help you?” She asked coldly, not doing a good job at hiding her disappointment.”

“Don’t you remember me? I’m Excel, we are classmates. I joined the class recently though. I only got to know we are neighbors when I saw you drive in today so I decided to come say hi to you” the girl explained.

“Oh, really. I’m surprised I haven’t noticed you before. Not even at school”. Annah was surprised.

“That’s probably because you keep to yourself” Excel smiled.

What! Is that what everyone thinks?

It’s quite obvious. I might be new in the class but it wasn’t difficult to notice how you always keep to yourself.

Annah laughed. “Please, come on in” she beckoned on Excel, opening the door wider.

“By the way, did you hear of Stacy’s party?” Excel asked.

Now I know why you are really here. I was about asking you if you went through the entire stress of looking this good just to visit your neighbor, else you have other intentions.

The door bell range before Excel could defend herself.

“That must be the pizza guy. Just a minute, I will be right back”. Annah rushed for the door, hoping to not meet another disappointment. Better put, “surprise”, this time.

“Finally”, she screamed as she slammed the door with her legs and made her way to the living room with the pizza.

“Pizza!! Perfect timing!” Excel screamed.

“You like pizza too” Annah was surprised.

“Who doesn’t?” Excel gave her “the eye” and immediately made for the seat beside Annah.

“So, on a serious note, what do you think about Stacy’s party? I really want to go and I don’t want to go alone. Please come with me” Excel said, a huge chunk of pizza in her mouth.

“I’m not the party type. I have never been to one. In fact, if I try it, my parents will roast me alive!” Annah responded, seeing that Excel wasn’t joking about the matter.

“Where are your parents, I could help you take permission from them if that is the problem.” 

They are not home. They travelled and might not be back throughout the weekend.

“That’s awesome. It means you are the boss of yourself. Don’t be boring, come on let’s go have some fun!” Excel was thrilled.

“I’m not sure you understand. It’s beyond that. If they ever hear of it which believe me they will, it will not be funny for me”. Annah stood her ground.

Come on, it’s just a party!

Not for me. Besides, I don’t even like parties. If you really want to go, you can go ahead. I’m not coming.

Now I see why you always keep to yourself. Your parents may have a role to play in that but the protagonist is you. You’ve come to like that way of life. No, let me refrase. You have grown attached to it that you never want to let go.

“Come on, explore. You are a teenager for Christ sake!” Excel was getting pissed off.

“I’m sorry dear, but like I said, it’s not my thing. I’m not interested” Annah shrugged and continued to enjoy her pizza.