Define your Emotion [a poem]

What do you feel? What exactly occupies your heart?
Can you expressly explain it?
Many would ask.

What do you feel?
What lightens yet engorges your heart? What are these emotions?
What differentiates it from the rest we have witnessed?
Friends will ask.

What do you feel?
What do I feel?
I ask myself.

Grab a sit let’s talk,
My inner man tells me.
The feeling is real
And the difference clear cut.

Align yourself for a little flashback
Brace through the different memories with him
Brace through I said, not stay glued.

What do I feel?
Has the answer become feasible?
Has the birds wispered it yet?
How special he is?

What do I feel?
The beauty of your smile
The enchanting radiance of your lustre
The melodious tune with which you soliloquize the answer

What do I feel?
What differentiates him from the rest?
Now I have my answer
My special gift from above!