Drifted [Chapter 1]

It was another breaking Dawn, Annah Martins’ best time of the day. She would always observe nature take its course, smiles radiating from her face as she watches “the darkness overtaken by light”. It was surprisen that she too has taken unto that phrase as it was originally her parents, something she didn’t want to copy.

Her parents were the typical religious fanatics. No, born again extremists will be the right word. They typically laid down rules in the house of which if she didn’t keep to she would be grounded.

She smiled as she took out her camera from its case and made for her initial spot, ready to take some pictures. Being the only child in a rigid family like hers, she was almost always forced to keep to herself, avoiding even her mates. Her camera has now become her best friend. A good way she had learned to keep herself happy. 

She still remembered the day she got her camera, it had been her sixteenth birthday. Her mum had ceased the opportunity to boycott a sweet sixteen birthday party, one Annah had spoken to her about more times than she could remember. She had known how much her daughter liked to take pictures and had meticulously used it to her favour, to maintain tranquility in her home. “What an excuse of a gift!”. Annah sighed and shook her head as she took more pictures. She loved the camera but it shouldn’t have taken the place of her long awaited sweet sixteen birthday party.

The day was now broken and she was sure her mum would have looked for her in the house. She rushed back almost immediately to join in the usual early morning routines: prayers, breakfast, school. For some reason she wished she wouldn’t have to join the prayers that morning. “A little break will be nice” she sighed.

“There you are, I have looked for you all over the house but you were nowhere to be found. Come, join us, breakfast is ready. You wouldn’t want to be late to school you know.” Her mum beckoned on her.

Annah was startled and shocked at the same time. Her mum wasn’t the type to smile at someone who had missed not just the morning prayers but the entire house routine. Something was definitely off, but she wasn’t sure what it was.

“Thanks mum, I will just quickly dress up and join you guys” she smiled, casting a glance at her dad who had remained quiet, concentrating on the food he was eating.

“Sweetheart, we are still waiting o” came her mum a few minutes later.

“Sorry mum, will be right down”. Annah clutched to her school bag, grabbed her phone and rushed out of the room, banging the door behind her. Half way down the stairs, she rushed back up. Grabbing her camera, she placed it at the innermost part of her bag to avoid unnecessary questions from anyone before rushing down to join her already inpatient parents.

They had breakfast in silence and Annah surreptitiously rushed out of the house, driving out almost immediately on a bid to avoid an early morning interrogation.