Always there [a poem]

In every humid weather I think of you, strolling graciously in the rain like nothing borders you, manoeuvring the unforseen twist of the weather to your favor, refusing to let your plan truncate.

Undithered you moved, skeptical about the already flood on the road yet, still full of an avalanche of energy.

Half frozen I had staggered, trying to focus but failing, my allergy for cold dealing treacherously with me.

Again and again I had lost my balance, each time fighting fiercely to gain it back, yet each time narrowly escaping a flood bath.

Then the unfathomable breeze blew, doubling the portion of cold I already felt, stripping me off the little guard I had left, tossing me straight for the waters.

Then you came forth, saving me from the wide arms of the flood, keeping me away from a yet another encounter with cold, stabilizing my feet on the ground.

Just like yesterday you were there for me, even though we were strangers. Now that I think about it I realize, its who you are, its who you have always been.

The one person I can run to without being rejected, the one person I can confide in without being judged, you have not only become my friend but my best friend, always there for me!