Mediator [a poem]

Now that I think about it, it all feels like a series strategically stacked in a stipulated sequence.

The days of my childhood vivid in my head, the memories of me walking down the streets in all confidence, troubling my fellow kids anyhow with the hope of running to my dad for help incase I got attacked.

Then I became much older only to realize, there was something called “laws of the land”, and the consequences of violating them.

Again I walked by freely, acting as I pleased, flinging the fear for jail, the memory of my chief justice Uncle in my head.

Then I hit adulthood and it dawned on me, my Lawyer Uncle can’t save me from every case. I needed a more dependable figure.

Then I got introduced to someone called Christ, one who stands for me and on my behalf, pleading my case even without my asking Him.

The realization was deep. How happy I was at the discovery. I had a mediator, a completely dependable one and I didn’t even know it!