Evolve [a poem]

Step by step we move, heading for our desired destination, our eyes set on the trophy.

Graciously and steadfastly we sway, maintaining our track, our gaze on the goal.

Haulted we stand, the stumbling block staring us in the face, its edges encompassing the entire route.

Confused we stand, staring at the obstacle, with no idea of what to do.

Exhausted we sit, soaking ourselves in depression, regretting setting out on this mission.

Serendipitous idea occurs, the realities of our being, the immeasurable gifts we encompass.

The smile on my face lingers, as the thought sinks in: the need to evolve, the need to dip my hand into my reservoir of gifts and bring out the best for this mission!

Could this miracle be just out of serendipity or an obvious hand of the lord at work? What do you think?