Just like in my dreams [a poem]

Just like in my dreams he appears, charming and smiling, dazzling and giggling.

Clinging onto me he stood, clasping my hands onto his, starring into my eyes like a deep ocean.

Bending forth to my ears he wispers: kiss me with the kisses of your love, grace me with the warmth of your smile, stay by my side till the end of time.

Just like in my dreams I freeze, spell bound in the warmth of his embrace, transfixed in the circumference of the circle, created by his magical touch.

Lost in thoughts I stand, motionless at a spot, starring endlessly at his being, the most perfect figure I have ever seen.

Drowning in desire I swallow, my throat dry from want, my cheeks patiently aligned, awaiting his kiss.

Kiss me with the kisses of your love I say, as his lips draw closer to my cheeks, close enough to place a moist kiss on them.

Just like in my dreams I discover, I could not feel his lips against my cheek, he has not been real, it has all been a dream!