A Chase of the winds [a poem]

The drive and the force, the drill and the energy, the gruel of the process as we strive for the best.

Our minds on our desire, every second calculating, the pros and the cons, what it would take, to achieve each aim.

Our vision clear, the mission in alignment, we go through each part as we make our plans.

With no confirmation of what we ought to be doing and what we ought not to do we embark on our mission, ready to see to its end.

As the wind blows, our direction alters, the stear changes course and our boats sail same.

The sky so blue, encompassing all the sphere, following us at the back, as we make our airmless trips, pursuing the winds.

At every moment it shines, brighter and brighter, smiling at us, as it gives this clue.

If only we could understand, if only we could look, if only we could listen, chasing the winds will be a thing of the past!