Perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect skin. Brown hair, black hair, curly hair.Gorgeous look, gorgeous body, gorgeous physique. The me that I see, the me that everyone sees.

A little shutting of my eyes and you have it: the emotions thwarted, feelings masked, the real me that I have come to know.

Straight up I stand, tall and tamed, or so people think. Closer closer I looked, with the inside of my eye, the feeling still not same.

Hugging myself I stood, lost in thoughts I wandered, thinking of what to do.

A little here, a little there I scouted, cracking through my brain, for a way out of this.

Holding out the mirror I observed, with a deep breath and chest out, looking at the lady infront of me:

This is who you are, this is who you have become, I said. A pretty young lady, in all majesty and splendor, talented enough to make waves, mask not your talents!