In the mind of my eyes, in the thistle of my thoughts I fluctuate, the country that used to be and the country that now is.

In a fraction of my mind I still recall, just like yesterday the state of the country, the survival strategies of the masses.

The social ladder insitue yet, the average citizen was free and happy, comfortable and satisfied, not afraid to speak their minds.

The limitations evident, the strive for a better life in motion, meticulous investment for a better know how undisputed yet, food was cheap enough for the poor masses to afford.

A time when the currency had value, a time when everyone had access to money, no matter how little; a time when you need not be rich to have food on your table nor afford the basic amenities.

Now as I look, all I see is diversion, diversion of funds, diversion of resources, embezzlement of cash, the rich getting richer and poor poorer.

Citizens feeding from hand to mouth, youths under oppression in their own country. The illiterate leading the literate yet, there is nothing we are expected to do about it.

Marginalization and oppression on the increase. Constitution gradually being thrown out the window, human rights being denied, freedom of speech ceased. The state of the country we have found ourselves in!