SPARKLE [a poem]

The tiny humans! “I have seen a lot, I’m quiet familiar with them”, so I thought.

Then The view, the tiny baby lying at bay, the shocked me moving closer and closer, my eyeballs protruding out of their sockets. ” I have never seen a baby so tiny!” I screamed, closing in for yet a better look.

The tiny human lay at bay, starring peacefully at us as though mornitoring our every move, then the voice of the attending Nurse came alive, broadening my shock yet further: “you will get to see yet smaller babies, ones you can even hold with one hand” he said.

With a quick turn I looked at him, oblivious of what response to give. Round and round I went in my thoughts, what is the fate of such premature babies?

Then I went round, observing from baby to baby, unknowingly smiling in response to their facial expressions. The sparkling, peaceful and reassuring energy passively alighting from the babies lightening my mood, taking me away from every interrogatory thought!

Babies bring the type of reassuring joy you never thought exists. They need not be yours to feel this. The mere sight of them is enough to work the miracle!