ELOQUENT [a poem]

Beauty beyond measures, gloriously adorned in a bliss beyond bias.

Natural affluence flowing endlessly like a spring of living water, the single act that leaves everyone wondering if God blessed a single woman with every inch of physical beauty.

Many a young man held their breathe at the sight of her, trying to wrap their hands around where such a goddess emanated from.

The beauty and gorgeousness of her physique soon replaced her name, a pretty face soon becoming all that the onlookers could see.

The more they looked, the less they saw. Gracing the warm embrace of their sight was a typical beauty without brains, so they thought.

An encounter was all it took, a few minutes of listening to the words that sprang forth from the lips of this damsel. Sugar coated yet richly starked, enough to sweep every man off his feet.

The awe on the face of those who beheld the works of her hands enough to resuscitate a dying patient.

Then the words dropped, the very line she had longed for since teenagehood: beauty without brains was a costly misconception!

Dedicated to every woman out there! The strength of a woman🌹