Patti for hills as the Nupes will call it, skyrocketed at about 1,500 feets above sea level, a place of refuge, the Singleton host of the ancient indwellers, inhabitants of lokoja, Kogi state.

A rocky crease with lots of leaves at Bay, unfathomable silence at its epic, the sound of fresh flowing water palpably distinct, the flow beautifully aligned.

Cool breeze emanating from all angles, the feeling incomparable, the sloppy road up the plateau perculiar, its continuous curvatures unending.

The leveled state of the plateau self announcing, the structures insitu amazing but deficient, the house of lugard boldly named with the statues of the couple in place, varieties of masks unmistaken, the NTA and the Ogbeha broadcasting station boldly represented.

The view of the town unimaginably beautiful, the confluence of rivers Niger and benue, a magnificent view from the plateau, the main reason for the hiking if you ask me.

Shawama, smoothie, tea and coffee, the only refreshment at the resort. Mount PATTI, a beauty to behold,. a pack of natural heritage, an embodiment of tourism but if only aesthetically harnessed!

confluence of rivers Niger and Benue
The city from the plateau