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EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK – The power of love



 “Please excuse me,” Yvonne said on approaching Michael and Zubby. As they stopped, with faces expressionless, waiting to know why she stopped them, her heart sank and for a moment, she thought about backing out. But on a second thought, she swallowed the last shred of her dignity and continued.
“Good day guys,” she greeted, trying so hard to maintain a steady voice. “Same here, can we help you?” Mike asked still with his face expressionless.

“Yes, you can,” she continued, determined to pull through with her mission.
“I’m Yvonne Martins, and we are in the same medical school.” 

“So, what can we do for you?” Mike asked again after taking a quick look at Zubby who stood motionless beside him.

“If you don’t mind, can you please give me five minutes of your time? I would like to talk to you about something, in private,” Yvonne said.

“Talk to me in private?” Mike replied with eyes wide open. 

“It wouldn’t take much of your time, I promise,” she pleaded in a manner that seemed as though she was begging for her own life.

“Guy I would be right back,” Mike said to Zubby, shaking hands with him. “Let’s go,” he said, turning to his other side where Yvonne was standing. 

“Thanks a lot,” she replied as they moved away from where they were originally standing.
“Michael, please I need you to understand me,” she started, immediately they were out of ear shots. “I have no intention of bringing any form of disturbance your way neither do I want to waste your time…” 

“How did you know my name?” Mike asked, surprised. 

“I know you are flummoxed by the entire situation but as I told you earlier, I’m your classmate…”

“How can you be in medical school and I’m just seeing you for the first time?” Mike cut in.  “Are you a new student?” he queried further

“No,” she replied, surprised that one could even ask such a question. “How can one change University in final year?” she asked, trying to let the guy know how silly his question was.

“You never can tell. These days, anything is possible,” Mike replied to the amazement of Yvonne who just stared at him without knowing what else to say. She thought, “is there any time this guy doesn’t have the right answer to every question?” 

“We all started together but I guess we were probably too busy to notice each other,” she quickly chipped in before the guy could notice how absent-minded she was. “Come to think of it, it seems like we are on the same page as I equally didn’t know you until the other day, when you answered Prof. Nelson’s question on syllogism. I must confess; you are very talented, intelligent, smart, and sportive. That’s quite amazing if you ask me. Everyone in the class that day was amazed when you – who isn’t among the people popularly known to be bright – stood up and answered the question correctly. The funniest of all was when a lot of students were asking themselves who you were,” Yvonne said.

“How do you know these things about me, especially the sport aspect? Because I know that one has nothing to do with lectures and academics,” Mike asked, surprised.

“I’m neither blind nor deaf, Mike. I saw you play soccer last Saturday. The rest of the information, I gathered them after you and your friend left the class that day. Since then, I have sort of observed how different you are. You only move about with this particular friend of yours to the extent that three quarter of the class with whom you have spent over five years in med school don’t know who you are.”

“Can I ask a question?”  she inquired, this time, looking him in the eye.

“Sure. Carry on,” Mike replied, wondering what the question was going to be this time.
“Why did you use my name to answer that question that day?” Yvonne asked.

“Did I use your name?” Mike asked back, surprised at the question. 
“Don’t tell me you have such a short-term memory,” Yvonne replied, feeling disappointed now. “I told you earlier that my name is Yvonne Martins.” 

“Forgive my ignorance, my dear, but sincerely speaking, it was a mere coincidence; nothing more. If you don’t mind, I beg to be excused. My friend is waiting,” Mike said, attempting to leave.

“One more thing, please, what’s your friend’s name?” Yvonne asked, stopping him. 

“You know that is completely not necessary. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with anything we have talked about here,” Mike responded.

“Mike, I know that already, but can you just give that to me as a favour?” Yvonne pleaded.

“The fact that you are asking me that as a favour makes it more impossible for me to tell you anything. It’s quite simple, Yvonne. Walk up to the guy and ask for his name,” Mike asserted.

“Okay. I get the point. Since you don’t want to give out what isn’t yours, you should be able to give out what is yours. Please don’t turn down this second request,” Yvonne requested. 

“So, what is this second request?” he asked, obviously becoming impatient. 

“Please give me your phone number.” 

“Oh my God! You never cease to amaze me you know. First, my friend’s name and now, my phone number,” Mike said, elated. 
“Mike, please don’t turn down this second request. I can kneel if that’s what I have to do to get it,” she pleaded to convince the guy that she was serious.

“You will really make a good actress, you know. You should consider joining the movie industry. I’m sure your talent will be put into good use there. I hate to keep people waiting and we both know you have taken much more time than you requested for. Do have a nice day,” he concluded and walked away, leaving Yvonne dumb founded. She kept staring at him till he was out of sight with Zubby.

Note from Dera

The power of love is now available on Light reader. To access it, simply type the title of the book or the name of the Author on the search button. Enjoy!

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