A call from the receptionist woke Esther from sleep. It was a Friday morning and she couldn’t wait to enjoy her weekend. The three months of working at David Scott hasn’t been easy but she had gotten used to it. At a point, she was glad her job kept her so busy as it made her feel useful. She couldn’t begin to think having to return to a state of no work or having to work elsewhere.

“hello”, she said, clearing her throat and moving to the living room to avoid waking her friends who were still fast asleep.

“Its Mina, the receptionist”

“I know who you are. its 5am in the morning, what can I do for you?” She said, impatience crawling through her system.

“The CEO wants you in the office in 30 minutes. Its an emergency. A little advise, you might want to pack a few things, you might be out for a while”

“What! What does he want me to do? What is the emergency ab…”

“See you at the office”


The shock on Esther’s face as the line went dead couldn’t be mistaken. Clara was already awakened and standing by her side. She didn’t need to ask what the call was about, it was obvious. There was only one person capable of placing her friend in that mood.

“He wants you to come right away?” She managed to ask.

Esther nodded in affirmative and headed straight to shower. Whenever she thought she was finally finding her foot at work, her boss would always come up with a ridiculous demand to piss her off. It wasn’t the first time and she wasn’t finding it funny anymore. Her initial decision to relate with him as the robot he seemed to be, one without emotions, was almost tossed out when he mellowed down on his inceasant whinnying. Now she knew better. A robot will always be a robot after all. She sighed as she washed up.

The official car was already waiting to convey them to the airport when she got to the office.

“Am I late?” She asked no one in particular.

“Get into the car” came the unmistakable voice of her boss.

She obeyed without question. A tactic she always employed to avoid raising an uproar in front of other people. A way of lessening any cause for raised voices between her and her boss. The only way she knew how to stay employed at David Scott.

The silence continued till they arrived at the airport. Her boss simply tossed her ticket at her. Without a word, he made his way to his private jet. Esther quickly got over “the attitude” and hurriedly fell into steps by his side. She was glad the receptionist was kind enough to give her a heads-up. The first ever time the receptionist was nice to her.

The business deal they had come to sign at San Francisco was successful. Easier than her boss had thought. It was at the meeting that Esther got to know how important the deal was. It was the determining factor, the future of David Scott. If they had failed to sign the deal, they would have lost their business partners that are also in business with the company they just signed.

Esther saw her boss smile a second time since she met him. No, he didn’t just smile, he was excited, extremely happy. The first day Esther had seen him smile was the night at the bar_ the night they met.

Esther still couldn’t understand how the sweet, happy, innocent looking young man she had met that night became this cold and unappreciative. How a young man with such a beautiful smile, with such liveliness could suddenly become so mean and cold. Her though kept wandering from place to place, from one question to the other.

She had been lost in thoughts again and didn’t hear her boss call her name. The slight tap on her shoulder made her quiver, breathing in all the air she could. Her fear was palpable. She wasn’t sure what her boss will say or do to her now.

She was surprised to see him smile at her. “You need not be scared, I don’t bite. We just won ourselves a huge deal. Come on, lets go and celebrate!” He said, heading for the door before Esther could protest.

The bar was well starked and beautifully decorated. Esther wasn’t surprised, it was a beautiful hotel. An exquisite one. one she couldn’t have ever dreamed of coming to on her own. Even with her boss paying the bills, she was still scared each time she brought any edible close to her lips. She felt it was a waste of money. The outrageous prices of things were driving her crazy. The price of water, common table water was enough to get her a well made food in LA. Home delivery even!

As though reading through her thoughts, the CEO smiled at her. “Don’t worry about it, eat whatever you want. You earned it”

Esther was taken aback by how calm he sounded. And the emotion in his voice…she was certain she wasn’t mistaken. The young man she had met at the bar was in there, somehow. The mere thought of that made her happy and she smiled.

“Do you care to share the good news?” Came the burrowing eyes of her boss.

“What good news!” She pretended

“The reason you are happy. I saw you smile”

“I always smile” Esther was now laughing and her boss joined suit.

“Its just nice having you show some emotions. I almost thought you lost every ability to do so. I mean, the last time I saw you show as much as a smile was months ago, the night we met at the bar” Esther finally said.

Wow! So she remembers. I thought you didn’t because thats all you have ever tried to do since you got to my firm. Pretending not to know who I am and going about your work like I didn’t matter. Oh, did I mention the part where you hurt my feelings and treated me like am invisible?

Esther could feel the pain emarnate through his voice. She knew she had been rude that night but she had no idea she had hurt him this badly. For some minutes, she opened her mouth to talk but no words formed. Each time she tried, she was at loss at what to say.

“I’m sorry, she finally said. We met at a very bad situation. I had had a terrible day. I was angry, I was sad, I was a lot of things. The last thing I wanted was to be bothered by anyone. Then you came along… you were just in my face, refusing to get the memo. I had to do something, anything to get you to leave me alone. She went ahead to narrate her ordeal. Leaving nothing behind, she told him everything including their encounter with his manager.

It was the CEO’s time to apologise. Esther was surprised he did. It was difficult to believe that the boss sitted right across the table was the same one she had worked with for the past 3months. He was anything but hostile.

He was sweet, nice to be around, handsome, smart, funny. He had such a cute smile. The dark shade of grey his Tuxedo was made in added to the aesthetics. Esther couldn’t stop staring at him. Awakened emotions surging through her system. She just hoped they were mutual…she didn’t think she would ever bear it if it wasn’t!

The end!!!