The next day was a fresh start for the three friends even though they couldn’t exactly wipe off the events of the previous day from their heads. The C.E.O had asked them to leave their Curriculum vitae with the receptionist and wait on the firm’s decision. This, Esther was sure wasn’t going to bring fort anything good.

A part of her was still yet to recover from the shock she had experienced when she sighted the CEO. Worst was the fact that he said nothing, particularly to her. If they were awaiting what was beginning to look like a death sentence, they might at least have some fun while they still could_so they thought.

It was a cool morning and they strolled down the streets of Los Angeles with no particular destination in view, the fresh breeze performing its majestic duties to their hair and skin. They were having such a good time that the initial plan to look out for “the perfect place for a memorable hangout” as they made their way across the streets skipped their memories.

The sudden addiction to the early morning cool breeze drew them to the waiting arms of the ocean. Though in no possession of swimming vests, they still spent a toll of time enjoying the fruits of mother nature, making sure they have the best time possible. They intermittently dipped their foot into the water, running into deeper depths whenever the tides were clear and scampering towards the dry land whenever it crawled closer to avoid being bathed in their full regalia, giggling at one another each time. They laughed so hard that they forgot their baggage.

The next stop was a park. Its state of desolation not surprising, it was a Wednesday morning, everyone was either at work or school. They spread out a little napkin where they sat, ate the little snacks they had gotten on their way there and went from story to story. Anything and everything was worth talking about as long as it kept them away from their ordeal.

shallow focus photo of woman holding black am fm radio

“What if we don’t get the job? I mean, what if he never reaches out to us?” Evelyn lamented, changing the subject.

“That will be mild. I’m scared he might hand us over to the cops for threatening a staff, deceit and even breaking and entering!” Clara pointed.

“Breaking and entering! That will be too much of a punishment now. Besides, we only deceived a staff to get into his office, not break in!” Esther defended.

Clara laughed. “Tell that to the Judge when you get to court. Thats if you ever have enough cash slashed in somewhere to hire yourself a good Attorney or worst still, when you are in the mercy of a shyster!”.

Esther was beginning to appreciate the angle Clara was coming from. “Rich people and their issues! Well, as for me, one thing had remained clear: I have lost my dream job. There is no way that C.E.O is giving me that job after what I did to him.” She said.

Esther’s ringing tune cut them short. The shock on her face as she picked the call couldn’t be mistaken. Their guess was confirm when their friend frightfully muttered “we will be right there sir” to the caller.