The bar was more lively than Esther had expected. She had literarily dragged Clara along. “Its a good way to end such an annoying day” she had said. Clara, who was still scared about the stunt they had pulled on the manager didn’t want to come. She was terrified at the thought of what the man would do to them. It would have been preferable to go home and have a good thought about her life and what next to do rather than stick around a spontaneous individual who seemed to care less about the job. On a second thought, she decided to go with Esther, take some time off the numerous thoughts occupying her.

She had only taken one shot of “the killer” before hitting the dance floor while Esther remained glued to her chair in front of the bar, the day’s events ruminating over her head. She couldn’t bear the thought of having to move back to Korea to her poor mother. The promises she had made to her while growing up were still fresh in her memory. She had innocently promised her a better life once she graduated from College.

“you know, the major reason people come to a place like this is to relieve themselves of stress and take their minds off issues not the other way round” came a strange, unfamiliar voice, pulling her away from her thoughts.

She cast a “mind-your-business” kind of glance at the young man and continued to sip her drink. Even though in a bar, she had refused to settle for strong drinks. She wanted her sanity intact as she pondered over the next step to take.

“I don’t bite you know. Maybe you could share your problem with me. Who knows, I might just have a solution” the young man added.

Esther was fed up. She was fighting so hard to curtail an outburst. “A problem shared is a problem half solved remember. Talk to me, please” came the young man again.

“what part of I want to be alone do you not understand?” Esther was now facing the guy. “By the way, what is this talk about helping me out? What help could a broke man like you offer me?” I don’t want to say things I would regret. I came here for an alone time so please, let me have that time! She yelled and stormed out.

The ladies room was the best place to seek solace at this point. She found herself crying and crying. A young lady who was initially making use of the toilet couldn’t help asking what the problem was.

“Boyfriend?” She asked, looking at Esther as she washed her hands.

“I wish” Esther rolled her eyes.

“maybe you can talk to me about it” the lady was now leaning with her back to the sink. I have been here long enough to notice how hard you have cried. Whatever it is, crying won’t help, am sure you know that already.

“I just blew my chance at ever getting my dream job….she went on and on to narrate the incident to the lady, wailing as she did so.”

“here you are, I have been looking all over for you. Even the handsome young man that was sitting directly beside you didn’t seem to know your ware about” Clara interupted as she entered the ladies room. “By the way, you look familiar, have we met?” She asked the lady beside Esther.

The lady smiled. What a small world. We met earlier today at David Scott. I was just about telling her my own experience, she said, pointing at Esther. It was only then that Clara noticed the bloodshot eyes.

“you have been crying? You of all people! If you cry, what then will I do? By the way, you seemed to have everything together. You didn’t seem affected at all…”looks they say can be deceitful” Esther jumped in, to cut her short.

Okay ladies, I had wanted to fall back at blogging but seeing how passionate and ready to strive for this job you girls are, I have changed my mind. Anyways, my name is Evelyn and I say we go back there tomorrow and every other day until we are granted a listening ear. What do you girls say?

“perfect!” Esther and Clara chorused, hugging their new friend. The fear the manager had created in them when he worked out on them the previous day suddenly disappeared, replacing it was a fresh fill of optimism.

They were assembled at the firm as early as 8am. They had lied to the receptionist that the manager asked them to wait for him – the reason she let them wait at the reception. Lots of thoughts went through their heads as they waited. They weren’t sure what to expect but definitely weren’t ready to give up.

The manager worked in a few minutes later and as usual, made his way upstairs. They made sure he didn’t recognize them to avoid cutting their plan short. They waited a few minutes before heading up.

“good morning sir” they greeted. “you again!” The manager screamed, standing to his feet. “You had the guts to step into my office!” His anger was rising.

A call on his office line prevented him from going on with his ranting. “David Scott’s publishing, how may I help you?” “Peter, what’s going on? I hear raised voices directly from your office”came the voice.

Sorry sir. It’s nothing I can’t handle. I’m on top of the situation.

You haven’t answered my question. Who are those and what do they want? Came the voice again.

Sir, they are some nitwits who came for the interview yesterday. When they weren’t taken they refused to accept their fate and have since been disturbing the peace of this firm. Could you believe that they had the guts to threaten me yesterday and even broke into my office this morning?



“send them to me”

The shock on the Managers face as the line went dead couldn’t be mistaken. He was embittered by the fact that he couldn’t handle these over pampered little girls himself. He would have thought them the difference between their comfortable father’s houses and someone’s office!

“The C.E.O wants to see you” he managed to say, pointing at the staircase that led to his office.

The ladies smiled in triumph as they made their way upstairs, their files in their hands. As expected, Esther was in front with Clara tagging behind Evelyn. Esther’s file fell from her hand the moment she sighted the young man dressed in a tuxedo that could probably buy her entire apartment. The luxurious office he sat in was beyond what words could describe. She was transfixed, unable to say a word.

crop elegant male in pink jacket

The shock on her friends faces made them start talking. Please sir, we didn’t mean to inconvenience you in any way, we only wanted a job. It has been our dream to work in your firm since highschool. We had to move from far places for the sake of this job and couldn’t stand not getting it. Denying us the job would also mean rubbing us of our dreams sir….we only wanted a job.

Meanwhile, the encounter with this young man was all Esther could think about. Why did they have to meet at such godforsaken circumstance? As she waited for the young man to say something, one thing was clear, the end has come for her.