CHANGING FACES-The game I play best!

My name is Jake, but my friends call me “Changing Faces”- from the game I play best! I love to skate, most people would even argue that am best at it. I have made it my life’s ambition to play games. I never skip my usual early morning skating. One would always see me with my skating board around my neck and my ears on a tight synchrony with my ear pods as I stroll towards my apartment each morning. Even with my numerous friends, I still choose to skate alone, feels more refreshing.

I was that kid in highschool whom everyother person wanted to be like. Handsome, smart, athletic, outspoken, rich! I was regarded as the most handsome boy in school. I can’t help but notice the girls drool over me each time I walk past them in my majestic strides- a realization I had since weaponised. It wasn’t difficult getting any of them to do my bidding.

My parents were the typical rich but classy nerds whose quest for more money sweeps away from their homes as they travel for their numerous conquests. At first, I was embittered but now it’s a blessing. I almost always have the entire majestic apartment to myself, hosting parties whenever I wanted. Being the “most gorgeous boy in school” apart, I was one of the richest, had my own driver and one of the best houses. My influence alone was enough to drive people to my party whenever I deemed fit but the tenetious grid and wholistic adorning of the architecture kept them hooked till the next morning.

My dad had made a promise to the school to always throw in at least ten million dollars for further upgrade of the school, the reason I never enter the black book of Billy highschool even with my numerous trecheries. Other kids had on several occasions been warned to stay away from me instead.

With everything going on, I wasn’t surprised I was still their favorite person. The kids still wanted to hang around me. I was that gorgeous! It was no news that I was my favorite person in the world. I loved myself more than anything or anyone and never joked with harnessing my treasures whichever way I deemed fit. I had my way with the girls, I had any girl I wanted, and the others still begged for my attention. They didn’t bother if the relationship didn’t last, they simply wanted me to look their way!

It was a new semester and we were back to Billy high, fresher than usual, everyone trying to display their new grits. I had focused my attention on athletics during the summer break and had succeeded in getting myself a broader shoulder. I hadn’t only added in age but also in maturity. I could feel my biceps bulge out of my usual body hug T-shirts each time I put them on. I was satisfied with my progress and ready to devour my victims-the girls.

A new girl, Sarah Malley, obviously good and well rooted, joined our class that day. She was beautiful and even though decently dressed, was well adorned. She had lots of positive values she believed in and held at such high esteem. For someone who had just arrived, her aura already spread across the entire classroom. She was the typical good girl, one that every boy in class couldn’t take their eyes off!

grayscale photography of woman

I had made to capture her attention in class severally but couldn’t succeed. I had even resulted to intentionally crossing parts with her during lunch break in the cafeteria yet, nothing. She didn’t even as much as take a second look at me! The shock I felt soon turned into anger, fast spreading through my systems. No one had ever treated me like that – like I didn’t matter! No girl had ever looked down on me. Furious, I vowed to get her on her knees, begging for my attention. She had just stepped on the Lion’s tail, she had no idea who I was and why everyone called me “Changing Faces”! I won’t stop until she had become one of my conquests, her obnoxious attitude must be reduced to nothing!

I came up with a strategy, a top notch plan for my quest and soon dived into the world of activating the passive prow. Each encounter with Sara was spectacular, I was having the best fun of my life. With every step I took, I felt closer and closer to the end. With every stunt I pulled, I felt her wallowing into the world I had created. It was a fun-filled adventure!

A few weeks later, a time I was confident to have graced a page of her good books, I invited her for dinner at my house – the best way to get her to hang out with me without having second thoughts, or so I thought. She had no idea that my parents were rarely home.

It took until the next morning to make me realize that I had hit a dead end. I had made a delicious hamburger, the only thing close to a meal I knew how to make, ordered for pizza, decorated the dinning table with my dad’s most expensive red wine and even had a side pop corn, Incase she wanted to see a movie. I had waited for her, passing time with a movie in the living room till I slept off. It took about five minutes after my wake to come to terms with the fact that the entire incident wasn’t a dream. I had immediately rushed to my phone, no missed calls nor text messages. She hadn’t only stood me up but also never bothered to call!

Then it hit me, she was only friends with me because she wanted to effect a positive change in my life. She had agreed to have dinner even though she knew she wouldn’t come, just to make me realize that not every girl is swept off her feet by my supposed “charming body”. I had lived my life, happily changing girls as I changed my outfit with no one ever gathering enough momentum to challenge me. I was always seen with different faces at different ocassions – an act that earned me the nickname “changing faces”.

It only took a little incident – my encounter with Sarah Malley, a young Christian girl, embedded in more positive values than one could ever imagine to make me realize just how miserable my life had been. I was too ashamed to step my foot in Billy high again!