Flash fiction


It was another cool evening and Kamsy was back to her usual spot, her secret spot, the only place she could think without being distracted. She had coincidentally discovered the pine Forest during one of her aimless round-to-round walks about her new neighborhood. She had just finished her NYSC and could already feel the heat of not having a job in Nigeria. It was far from what she expected. She had gone for youth service with the thought that she would be retained as a graduate assistant in her alma mater, University of Nigeria Nsukka.

The school wasn’t infamous for picking only their indigenes but even if they chose to do so, she still felt she met every single one of their criteria. She wasn’t just an indigene of Nsukka, in Enugu state but also the only person that made a first class in her department, Food Nutrition and Dietetics. Why then would the University not give her a slot? Its been exactly two months since she passed out from youth service yet, no news from the school. Even though she had left Nsukka to stay with a friend in Enugu town, something in her still hoped that the school would reach out to her.

The pine Forest hasn’t only been a place she could come and do some calculated thinking but also the only place she could keep her sanity intact. It was the only place with no one reminding her of all the things she wasn’t. Her friend, Chetam, even with her little sales girl income has been very accommodating. Providing a roof over her head, putting food on their table and also giving her some meaningful advise to help keep body and soul together. After applying for job in every single office in Enugu town without any positive outcome, Kamsy had made up her mind to settle for anything.

She had on one occasion gone to the extent of gathering every piece of information she could lay her hands on about how to open and run a local restaurant. She had worked on it till she was almost ready to begin but found no one to assist her with the capital. She had contacted everyone she knew yet, nothing. On another occasion, she had gone round as much of Enugu as she could, trying to secure a job in any of the numerous restaurants and eateries but none had an opening.

anonymous lady walking on road in forest

As she trekked home that night, she couldn’t help but wish everywhere could be as quiet, serine and accommodating as her secret spot. The sound of a nearby human footstep jerked her back from her thoughts. She immediately paused, looked back and sideways yet, there was nothing. Even though the forest had again returned to its usual state of tranquility, she could swear that she heard a footstep. She was literarily almost shaking as there was no shred of human nearby, no place to run to either.

Not sure what to do, she increased her pace, intermittently stealing glances sideways to be sure the person wasn’t trailing her. The sound came again, this time continuously. She was certain it was almost, if not already behind her. She immediately knelt down, flexing her neck to concentrate her gaze only on the floor. “Please don’t kill me”, she pleaded. Meanwhile, she was battling between saying her last prayer and lamenting to herself “so, this is how I am going to die”. She was fighting so hard to keep the tears from flowing, an attempt to not further anger the assailant.

“Hey, are you alright? I didn’t mean to startle you!” Came the baritone voice, the sweetest Kamsy had heard, her entire life! She was taken aback. Something about that voice seemed familiar, she had heard it before, but she couldn’t recall where nor when. The fear disappearing, she gradually lifted her head to behold the young man, the most handsome she had ever seen! He wore a sparkling dark grey T-shirt, tucked into a black jean trouser with a dazzling pair of sneakers and cap to match. His sent alone was enough to get any woman thrilling for him.

The shock on Kamsy’s face was palpable. She starred at him with mouth wide open. He was exactly the opposite of what she had in mind. It took a whopping fifteen minutes for her to get herself together. Something about the guy made her comfortable around him. Even though she couldn’t pin-point what it was, she still took the risk of sitting in the forest alone with the obviously strange man to “talk”. “Eureka!”, she exclaimed the moment she was able to get around her confusion. She had run into him in one of the offices she had gone to seek a job.

man and woman sitting on bench in woods

The guy on the other hand had seen her heading into the forest some days back and had since been trailing her. What started as a few minutes chitchat span through the entire night. The young man’s driver had brought his unaldulterated black Lexus 350 close enough for them to make use of the headlamp, prompting him to reveal his position as the C.E.O of Shegas group of companies to Kamsy. It was the longest night Kamsy had ever had. For someone who couldn’t loose sleep over anything, she had a good time. The breaking dawn of the next morning didn’t only bring her happiness but also a new job!