Tales from the clinic


It was another busy day at the ER. We had come to school that morning expecting nothing in particular. We had gotten well acquinted with the mode of operation of the Emergency Room(ER) to know that there was no stability. Some days were so busy that we were always on our feet till almost evening while some others were so so free that we saw ourselves literarily doing nothing. This particular day was a bit of both. A day that started off with no new case was suddenly burstling with activities. We had our hands full. Every med student, not to mention doctors had something doing.

Being a hospital, not to mention an ER, the patient relatives were agitated especially those whose loved ones had just been wheeled in. They were on the neck of every single medic they could lay their hands on, possibly trying to drag every single doctor into attending to their loved one. The feeling, the facial expression, the state of agitation and the location of each patient relative differed, just as their personalities differ. Some obeyed the doctor’s instructions and were calmly sitted while others walked to and fro the Nurse’s station looking for who to complain to about how they think their loved one still needs to be attended to even when a doctor had just left their bedside! It was the perfect description of a crazy afternoon!

woman sitting on dental chair

As I attended to one of the new patients, trying to perform a peripheral venous cannulation with one of my colleagues assisting me, there was a loud scream from the center of the ER, somewhere around the nurse’s station. It was the voice of a lady, a young lady. As though an announcement was made, there was suddenly absolute tranquility in the ER as everyone paused what they were doing and rushed to see what was happening. Already, I could hear the shouts from the little cubicle where I was with my patient. My colleagues and even the formally agitated patient relatives already made their way to the scene to get a clearer look, leaving me behind with the patient as I had my cannula already in the vein.

I could hear the young lady screaming at the top of her voice “HE IS DEATH, SEND HIM OUT AND ALL OF YOU WILL LIVE!” It turned out she wasn’t just screaming at the young man but engaging him in a fight as well. As onlookers tried to separate them, they kept asking the young man if he knew the lady but his answer was always in the negative. The young lady was bent on fighting the guy as she kept rushing back, every chance she got. She claimed he was the cause of the deaths happening in the ER. The young man was at this point fed up and started to fight back, threatening to kill the lady if he laid his hands on her. “No wonder she starred at me in a way that I didn’t understand since her arrival. So this is your plan? I can see that you are possessed, if I lay my hands on you eh, I will beat you until whatever has possessed you leaves your body!” He yelled.

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The orderlies were finally able to force the lady to an isolated room while they awaited the psychiatry team to come and see her. Getting her bound to the bed was the only way they could make her remain at a place. I was at this point done with my cannulation and rushed out to enquire what the entire drama was about. The orderlies and some other medics never left the young lady’s side, they prayed for her while awaiting the psychiatrist. I had witnessed series of psychiatry drama but this particular one got me speechless….an obviously pretty young lady! In my heart I was just like “this could have been anyone! No one wakes up in the morning with a nutche that he is going to fall ill, just as no one gets a pre info that he is going to die, or else of course the Almighty decides to reveal it. This is the more reason we should align ourselves with Him…. something I learnt, something I think we should all consider!