Life they say feazles away like the wind. Vanity upon vanity! No one understands this saying more than a medic. Medicine, a profession that requires the input of everything you’ve got yet, there is always a limit to what you can do. A field that takes away years of your life to add years to that of your patients. One that scrutinizes your every transition from one class to the other as a student and from one level to the other as a doctor yet, you can’t beat your chest and say that you could cure every disease.

This is a vivid reminder of the incident that took place at the Emergency Room (ER) a few days back. The ER, as usual was a beehive of activities, the medical team attending to the patients around, the ordleys, wheelling in new patients, and we, the med students rushing to perform as many little procedures as we could in a bid to help out. It was a very busy day and all hands were on deck.

As the casualty officer attended to one of the new patients with my colleagues and I surrounding her, learning the much we could and at the same time waiting for an opportunity where we could be asked to perform some procedures, some ladies wheelled in a woman I suspected was their mum. She was quietly seated on a wheel chair. A glance at her and I knew something was wrong. I quickly moved nearer to them to get a closer look. One of the daughters, as though reading the handwriting on the wall went for the casualty officer, dragging her away from the patient she was attending to to come examine her mum. My colleagues followed suit.

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The casualty officer rushed to the woman’s side and did what everyother doctor would have done in that situation. The moment she checked for the pulse and then went straight for the pupillary light reflex, my guess was confirmed. The woman was already dead! She had died before arriving to the ER. Her head already hung backwards, her mouth open, her pupils unresponsive to light. A woman who was Alive hours back was dead, just like that….all for life!

I shook my head and moved away a little bit. One of the woman’s daughters was already in tears and I couldn’t just stand and watch. Medicine! the profession that puts you in a position where you will see some patients alive in a minute and dead in another! It was really sad….the worst part of the game.

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In conclusion, live everyday as though it’s your last. Vanity upon vanity….a saying every medic understands perfectly well. Even with our slogan:”God creates, we preserve”, with all the knowledge and skills, with all the hard work, we still can’t save everyone!…a limitation every doctor faces. As you consult your doctor, ensure that you make things right with The Almighty. That way, you wouldn’t be scared of what the result may be. The doctor, of course will always try his best as no medic likes to see his patient die but still, make things right with the creator, the greatest physician!