The act of writing… Want to write like your best author? Want to finally release that story you have been hurding, for people to see? Want to finally grasp the courage to pen down those thoughts even though you are scared people wouldn’t enjoy reading them as much as you enjoy reading those of your favorite author? then this article is for you!

I started writing a few years ago and from the little experience I have gathered, I can tell you one thing:”writing is a beautiful thing! It’s satisfying, it’s enjoyable, it’s simply amazing!”. If you are a better reader and had ever in one way or the other considered writing, am sure you must have experienced that feeling, especially while reading through your favorite works.

There is this misconception about producing an extra quality work..something everyone would love! Honey, one thing I can assure you is that no plot can ever capture the attention of everyone. As I always tell myself “Dera, you just have to focus on your niche and keep your write ups original”. Funny enough, this is what those writers you admire do. That your favorite writer has a plot, a niche he is focused on. If you didn’t know that, then look again, you will surely discover that for yourself. You enjoy his write ups not because he is the best writer you have seen but for one reason: “his niche captivates you”. Why not release those stories you have written for others to read? There is a fan out there, infact, there are fans out there waiting for exactly that content.

Writing is more of putting down your ideas…its a personal thing. It’s more about impressing yourself with your stories before reaching out to the wider community…a good way to keep your stories original. Those personal attributes you feel are not good enough are what actually make your stories unique! Besides, you never know how good a writer you are untill someone reads your work and confirms it. You never know how much that “wow amidst a broad smile” you get when someone enjoys your story encourages you! The comments and advise you get help you improve!

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Finally, I want you to know one thing, every writer you see is a working progress. There is nothing as a big writer or a small one! The more you write, the better a writer you become. You are one step away from perfecting your writing skills. Start by releasing that your interesting story. link me up when you are done and I will be happy to read and give you a reply. God’s grace as you start this journey, don’t forget: “I’m your number one fan!”.