Lydia was going through a short story with her best friend, Judith. It was a pathetic story indeed and one could readily see the disgust in both their faces. “How could she let this happen to her, was she blind or drugged? I for one, will never ever let any guy do this to me!” Lydia shouted. Judith was amused. She simply glanced at Lydia and smiled. “Babe, you need to calm down, she said. This could have happened to anyone! Apart from the date rape drug(flunitrazepam, generally called Rohypnol) that inhibits whoever it is used on from resisting sexual assault, every and anybody could be a victim of something similar to this story.

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They were reading the story of a young lady whose focus since her secondary school days has been her academic and spiritual life, who in the university became the evangelism coordinator in her followship. She led her members across the campus on the course of preaching the gospel but later fell in love with a young man who scammed her, got her pregnant and abandoned her. Lydia felt like the girl personally disappointed her, she was so pissed. All effort to calm her down by her friend, Judith was fruitless as Lydia began to transfer the aggression to her instead. She wasn’t ready to hear whatever excuse her friend had for this girl who to her was nothing but a disappointment.

A few months later, Lydia’s school went on strike and the students were forced to vacate the campus. The intended one month strike became indefinite and they, at the end spent five good months at home. Judith was happy to finally return to school after such a long holiday. She couldn’t wait for Lydia to return…she kept going to and fro her room, disappointment written on her face each time she met Lydia’s room empty.

Hours became days and days became weeks yet, no sight of Lydia. Both Judith, the entire class and Lydia’s fellowship members were at this point worried sick as all effort to reach her both on the phone and via physical questioning of people they felt were closer to her yielded no fruit as no one had her address.

Meanwhile, Lydia was at home, the words of her friend echoeing in her head: “this could have happened to anyone”. If only I had Known, if only I had been more careful…I walked into the Lions den with my eyes wide open! Frank’s motives were crystal clear, yet I walked right into it, thinking I had a thick skin…how could I have thought myself infallible? Falling in love isn’t the cause of this misery, tempting myself is! Lydia lamented, tears flooding down her cheeks.